Light fleet management is with Golfleet:
telemetry and videotelemetry for efficient fleet control.

The fleet management system that delivers tracking and security for you, your team and your vehicles. Gain time, productivity and reduce costs with Golfleet.

Videotelemetry and telemetry: a level above tracking

Golfleet is ideal for any fleet size and acts daily for the safety of hundreds of drivers in Brazil, because it adapts to their needs.

From vehicle tracking to video telemetry.

Do you want to know which Golfleet is ideal for your management and control of light fleets?

Turn information into decisions.

Use your fleet to increase your productivity and reduce problems. Having a fleet management system is for managers looking to:

  • Offer more safety for your drivers and vehicles
  • Reduce expenses with maintenance and claims
  • Control costs per kilometers driven
  • Reduce fuel costs and fines
  • Avoid low productivity with stopped and untracked vehicles
  • Have more control of where your fleet is
  • Get a return on investment by improving operating costs
  • Decrease traffic accidents

The Golfleet telemetry system will help you reduce costs in your fleet management with full control and tracking:

*See functionality compatibility with your plan.

  • Vehicle tracking
  • Fuel consumption management
  • Real-time breach alerts
  • Safer data and information management
  • fleet policies
  • Automation of tasks
  • Safety for drivers
  • speed per lane
  • Video driver behavior

For 15 years, Golfleet has been operating with one purpose: save lives, every day.

Check out who also uses our technology for more efficient fleet management for drivers, managers and vehicles.

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Ezequiel Scopel

Integrated Logistics Executive Manager

We built a model in which we were able to reduce to 4 unsafe behaviors in 1000km driven. What it is is a reduction of more than 90%, since before we had 57 of these behaviors in 1000km driven.

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Wellington Macedo

Specialist in Mobility and Fleet Management

We started to collect this volume of speeding data and alert drivers and managers about that behavior on a daily basis. We start with speeds above 130 [km/h], then we go to 120, then 110, then we go down to 100.

Logo Ypê

joas silva

Facilities Supervisor

When we also compare our safety pyramid, we observe that in our own fleet operation the number of near incidents is reduced, which reduces the statistical probability of a more serious event.

We are transforming light fleets throughout Brazil

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Check out some of our customers

Your light fleet management changes and our company changes too. Now Golsat is Golfleet.

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In recent years, we have been recognized by GPTW as one of the best companies to work for in Brazil and in the technology area.

Golfleet is a company engaged in professionalizing fleet management in Brazil, offering more humanization, productivity and safety.

By providing my data I agree with the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use from Golfleet
By providing my data I agree with the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use from Golfleet

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2) You can also contact us via telephone at 43 3315-9500 and choose option 1 - you will be directed to our customer service team.

3) If you have forgotten your Golfleet password, just access the application via Computer or Cell Phone, above the login button you will see a “?” (question mark), just click and add your access email to recover your password.

By providing my data I agree with the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use from Golfleet
By providing my data I agree with the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use from Golfleet

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