Golfleet Driver:
the application that was missing in the management of light fleets to reduce infractions

Operate at the same speed as your business. All driving profile information with Golfleet Driver, in the palm of your drivers hand.

Put an end to communication noise:
Golfleet Driver is fast and intuitive for drivers, with the best of Golfleet technology

Routes taken

Routes taken

Your driver can visualize all the uses of the vehicle(s) he has driven, with precise data on the routes traveled and organized by date, time and place where the ignition was turned on and

Routes taken

infractions committed

Through Golfleet Driver's intuitive graphics, the driver analyzes in detail and filters all infractions committed in a selected period of time. With the possibility of viewing directly on the map, indicating the type and specific location where the violations occurred.

Routes taken

Mileage driven and average and maximum speed

A dashboard with indicators of mileage traveled and average and maximum speed of the trip. In addition to easy access information on usage time inside and outside business hours, which respect the fleet policy determined for each vehicle.

Routes taken

view on
cards, lists and maps

Golfleet Driver provides a 360º view of your light fleet management information to the driver. In the format of cards, lists and maps, with data from all vehicles used for wiser decision-making.

But autonomy for drivers and less bureaucracy for managers

Without Golfleet Driver, your light fleet management will continue to face the same obstacles. So, rely on the app's dashboard and its indicators to:

Tired of the same old infractions? Find and eliminate the root of the problem

A driver needs clear information about his performance in traffic to know his strengths and weaknesses. At the end of each use, it is possible to access the Golfleet Driver to check indicators on

In cases where the same professional uses different vehicles, the information can be organized according to the plates linked to the driver.

All of this accessible quickly and simply, directly in the app.

The Golfleet Driver is available from our intelligent solutions for light fleet management

telemetry system for your fleet management to be Management
More High technology in favor of life and fleet management advanced
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By providing my data I agree with the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use from Golfleet

This is an exclusive sales channel. I will leave some guidelines for you to contact our support team:

1) Open the Golfleet app and click on the main menu icon (where all modules appear). At the bottom you will see the word SUPPORT. Clicking on it will take you to open tickets within our system. This is the fastest way for you to be served.

2) You can also contact us via telephone at 43 3315-9500 and choose option 1 - you will be directed to our customer service team.

3) If you have forgotten your Golfleet password, just access the application via Computer or Cell Phone, above the login button you will see a “?” (question mark), just click and add your access email to recover your password.

By providing my data I agree with the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use from Golfleet
By providing my data I agree with the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use from Golfleet

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