STOP Institute

Conceived in 2012 by – until then – GolSat, the PARAR Institute – Thinking Responsible Alternatives Managing Fleets with Results – aims to raise the level of light fleet management throughout Brazil, through the professionalization of the sector and the people who work in this area. area, with a culture of safety as its main value.

With more than 10 years of history, PARAR has the privilege of training and inspiring hundreds of people through its activities – events, courses and magazine – and is a reference source for professionals who want to seek relevant content, implement a strong safety culture in their companies and deliver financial results without dissociating themselves from human and ethical values.

The STOP Institute is a content and education platform for light fleet managers throughout Brazil

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Events held by the PARAR Institute

PARAR Global Conference

The PARAR Global Conference is the most relevant event for fleet professionals in Latin America. It brings the main trends in the sector, with tips from specialists in the area and cases of successful managers. It is at the Global Conference that PARAR promotes the awards night in order to recognize professionals, companies and projects that have stood out in the fleet management scenario in Brazil. Among the traditional awards is the 100 Best Fleets – Brazil stage, which evaluates fleet department projects from hundreds of companies and publishes the ranking of the 20 best fleets. The first place enters the American ranking and participates in the 100 Best Fleets award that takes place during NAFA I&E, in the USA.

STOP On The Road

PARAR runs through the main cities in Brazil with face-to-face events that address topics on mobility, technology, fleet management and innovation, sharing the best content in the sector and promoting many experiences and networking. Experts, renowned speakers and successful managers take the stage, with insights, debates and cases on how to manage fleets with professionalism and responsibility.

NAFA Institute & Expo

Annually, Instituto PARAR takes fleet professionals and players from the automotive sector to the largest fleet management event in the world. The delegation organized by PARAR towards NAFA I&E has several benefits, such as: special rate for the acquisition of the event ticket, advice for organizing the trip, special agenda, daily reports on the content of the event, meetings with the board of NAFA, exclusive experiences for members of the group, among other attractions organized by the PARAR team. In 2020, Instituto PARAR covered the event, which was 100% digital, with subtitled lectures, simultaneous translation and the participation of leading market professionals as commentators.

PARAR Review: you are always up to date on the fleet market in Brazil and worldwide

PARAR Review Magazine contains unique content in the market, with great credibility and recognition. Exclusive articles and interviews with specialists on fleet management, the automotive sector, new technologies, traffic, cases and the future of the sector. With PARAR Review you are always up to date with fleet management in Brazil and worldwide.

Courses for you, fleet manager, to enhance your management every day

PGF: Program for Fleet Managers

Launched in 2014, the PGF is the first technical course in fleet management on the market. With 8 modules and 100% online, the course is aimed at professionals with influence in decision-making regarding the corporate fleet. The course is also validated by NAFA (USA), the world's largest association of fleet managers and delivers the CAFM International Certification (Certified Automotive Fleet Manager).

Executive MBA in Strategic Fleet Management

The first academic specialization course in fleet management in Brazil that trains professionals to work with corporate fleets, using management, planning and organization resources, through the application of practical activities. The course is 100% EAD and certified by Unifil – Centro Universitário Filadélfia, one of the largest distance learning universities in the country.

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