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Telemetry promotes savings of R$5,7 million in Mosaic fleet management

Find out the role of Golfleet's telemetry system in saving R$5,7 million and presenting a new reality for the Mosaic fleet.


The search for results is a constant in the organizational environment, regardless of the segment of activity. To achieve this, some factors need to be taken seriously, such as the implementation of telemetry in the case of fleets.

Strategies vary according to the reality of each company, but leaders point out common aspects, such as planning, innovation, quality, training and economy.

If the economy is among the main factors capable of generating positive impacts and leveraging an operation towards success, the Mosaic has been achieving good results in this regard.

With more than six thousand employees in the country, the company is present in ten Brazilian states and Paraguay, promoting actions that aim to transform rural productivity, the reality of the places where it operates and the availability of food around the world.

To be more exact, Mosaic achieved millionaire savings with the unification of fleet management, reallocation of resources, demobilization, renegotiation of contracts, among other strategies. Continue reading and find out how Golfleet Telemetry played a big role in these results.

Telemetry presented a new reality
Mosaic celebrates millionaire savings
Telemetry data in favor of fleet management


Telemetry presented a new reality

Embedded technologies, such as telemetry, take the fleet to another level. This is because management is transformed and the results obtained present a new reality, while achievements are celebrated and inspire the manager to seek an even more promising future.

“Telemetry made us see 'outside the box', it opened our eyes to many questions”, says Priscila Cruz, contracts manager at Mosaic, a company that operates in the area of ​​mining, production, import, commercialization and distribution of fertilizers.

According to her, Big changes happened after telemetry was hired, carried out between 2018 and 2019.

Currently, the fleet has around 402 vehicles and 6.700 employees in units throughout Brazil, a number that triples when it comes to providing third-party services.

Mosaic's fleet is distributed across two contracts: production service and production unit service, which include mining, manufacturing units, raw material production and chemical units.

Nowadays, 100% of the commercial fleet has the Golfleet Telemetry, Each vehicle is assigned to a driver, who is responsible for that asset. “In production, we work with a pool of vehicles. For example, we placed 20 vehicles at the Tapira unit and 30 at the Araxá unit. We have an inspector at each unit to manage these vehicles,” he explains.

In mid-2018, these numbers were very different and a series of changes began to take place after carrying out an internal diagnosis of fleet contracts, together with the presentation of a report indicating opportunities for improvement.

Watch the Ahead Webcast in full: How did Mosaic achieve million-dollar cost savings using telemetry?

Telemetry promotes millionaire savings in the Mosaic fleet | Golfleet

Mosaic celebrates millionaire savings

Firstly, the improvement adopted was vehicle tracking. “Golfleet was a great partner at the time, we finished installing the trackers in October 2019 and with that we had visibility of the location of the cars, kilometers driven, fuel costs, etc”, he highlights.

From this point on, Mosaic's fleet management incorporated measures such as internal vehicle sharing and the contracting of corporate mobility, with travel strategies.

“With this, we achieved savings of R$5,7 million in 2020”, recalls Priscila.

Little by little, everyone adhered to the measures and technologies. “When they understood that our objective was not to control the driver, but to take care of our assets, with the team as a partner, we had an achievement in management”, he points out.

With an eye on the future, Priscila makes no secret of the fact that she continues in search of new goals and gains, using Golfleet Telemetry as a true ally throughout the process.

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Telemetry data in favor of fleet management

Certain moments require even more from business leaders, as external factors impact the markets. Therefore, knowing the segment in which you operate is essential for the decision-making process, whether at the strategic, tactical or operational level.

Monitoring economic indicators is also a necessity. This is because the scenario is going through changes that alter perspectives and require a different stance. It is necessary to re-read the processes and resources.

As we saw throughout the success story, Mosaic – specifically the fleet management sector – achieved brilliant results. All this while using tracking information to the company's advantage.

One of the biggest benefits of Golfleet Telemetry is precisely the high level of data it makes available, promoting a new horizon in fleet management. Among the main features of our tool we have:

  • Fleet Policy: configuration of fleet policy rules, determination of infractions and assignment of vehicles to drivers.
  • Shooting: total control of the rides, inside and outside business hours, with intelligent listings, reports, advanced filters and a dashboard with graphs and indicators for a complete understanding of the rides.
  • Infractions: ranking based on behavior, data crossing (time, distance, speed and percentages) and identification of those responsible for more agility in audit processes and cost reduction with penalties.
  • Use of vehicles: Accurate tracking and measurement of all activities between an ignition on and off, presented in detailed graphs and rankings.

Other possibilities of our technology are the fuel management, monitoring the speed per lane, calculation of TCO and automation of planning vehicle maintenance and review. It is this integral knowledge of the operation that promotes great results, as was the case with Mosaic.

If you are facing challenges related to economy, productivity and safety in your fleet management, overcome all these obstacles with Golfleet. Learn more about our technology and be a new success story:



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