We preserve lives, reduce risks, optimize resources and professionalize the management of light fleets.
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A new chapter in our history

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At the age of 5 we learn to balance ourselves, we understand the world around us and our own feelings better. At 10 years old we are fearless, inquisitive and very creative. At 15, we see everything change. We are more aware of ourselves, we seek more maturity and we have big dreams.

In our history, we challenge ourselves and always seek to go further. In 15 years at the company, we have created pioneering technology solutions in the light fleet market, created the PARAR Institute to professionalize fleet managers and most importantly: we help to preserve lives — every day.

This is only possible because we are a company made of technology, people and purpose. And more than that, because we put people at the center of everything, understanding that technology and purpose can only be achieved through people.

We have a capable, engaged team that believes in what we believe. Who understands that every action taken here makes hundreds of companies preserve the lives of thousands of drivers out there. A daring, innovative team specializing in creating solutions that really make a difference in the day to day of the fleet manager.

In 15 years of history, we have also found partners and customers who share our purpose and are the reason why our dreams continue to come true. We lived together several moments of change, managers who had their careers impacted, drivers who had their lives saved, partners who added even more value to their businesses.

These 15 years were built by you, who trusted and invested in our company. For you who dedicated yourself and continue to dedicate yourself. For you who share our values, our mission and our culture.

Therefore, we want you together with us in another moment of the evolution of our history. We invite you to be part of Golfleet, the company that is reborn from what made us even more brilliant: Golfleet, the smartest fleet management software on the market.

Golfleet arrived in 2017, revolutionizing the telemetry market. Since then, it has collected success stories, generated incredible results for several fleets and has constantly evolved. Reached such heights that now Golsat is Golfleet.

Yes, we've evolved so much that our software has embraced our company.

And it couldn't be any different. After all, it is through our technology, the change in the fleet scenario in Brazil and the dedication of our employees and customers that we have become a consolidated company throughout the national territory.

We have a new look, new challenges, but based on the same values, the same purpose. We are pioneers, we are experts, we are technology and we are also respect, care and safety.

We are much more than GolSat, now we are Golfleet.

GolSat is now Golfleet

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Our commitment to preserving lives and professionalizing light fleets has brought Golfleet this far:

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+ 0 years
of experience
+ 0 mil
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installation points throughout Brazil
+ 0 mil
hours invested in development and technological innovations
+ 0 M
kilometers driven per day

Be part of one of the largest technology companies for light fleet management in Brazil

+ 150

collaborators who are protagonists of their own careers

+ 13

Great Place to Work® awards


Develop consistent innovations, delivering state-of-the-art technology, for an always productive, humane and safe fleet management.


Consolidate itself as a world reference in technologies that preserve lives and generate smart savings for fleets.


Cozy environment

Here at Golfleet, the employee, the candidate, the clients and all those who enter through the front door will find a welcoming and humane environment, which understands the needs of each person.

creative attitudes

We know that intelligence is the ability we have to collect data, store it, process it and then produce some kind of result. Our company believes that this intelligence is not exclusively related to knowledge, but, above all, to attitude. You can expect a lot of creativity and innovation from Golfleet.

I always respect

Respect is the foundation of every healthy relationship. It is a value that connects different people towards common goals. Respect is about acceptance, understanding and empathy. At Golfleet you will always be recognized for your merits and respected, regardless of your beliefs, gender, origin, age, ethnicity, your religion or lack thereof, your political positions and life choices. Respect builds trust and at Golfleet trust is paramount.

Simplicity in relationships

Simplicity implies authenticity, genuineness, interest in getting to know the other and, above all, respect for others. We act this way with our employees and they are encouraged to act this way with our customers, suppliers and co-workers.

work with purpose

Great leaders reveal themselves “from the inside out”: they first show who they are and what they believe in, and then say how and what they do. When Golfleet found a “why” for its actions, it began to act with powerful motivation and consistency in its attitudes. This wisdom applies to employees who need to dedicate themselves to a project, to a client who needs to restructure their activities, or to anyone who has a relationship with us and who has objectives to be achieved: if we have a clear purpose, the efforts for its achievement will be much greater.

Decisions real time shots
Metrics that you never had
Automation processes like you've never seen
Operational in fleet management as you always dreamed of

By providing my data I agree with the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use from Golfleet
By providing my data I agree with the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use from Golfleet

This is an exclusive sales channel. I will leave some guidelines for you to contact our support team:

1) Open the Golfleet app and click on the main menu icon (where all modules appear). At the bottom you will see the word SUPPORT. Clicking on it will take you to open tickets within our system. This is the fastest way for you to be served.

2) You can also contact us via telephone at 43 3315-9500 and choose option 1 - you will be directed to our customer service team.

3) If you have forgotten your Golfleet password, just access the application via Computer or Cell Phone, above the login button you will see a “?” (question mark), just click and add your access email to recover your password.

By providing my data I agree with the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use from Golfleet
By providing my data I agree with the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use from Golfleet

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