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Road accidents are the third leading cause of death in the world

Be part of the Golfleet team and help fleet managers protect their drivers.

An invitation for you to develop your career with Golfleet

professional role

When you think of a series or a movie, you will always think of the protagonist first, because he is the one who stands out.

Have you ever thought about being the protagonist of your own career?

Here at Golfleet you can.

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constant challenges

At Golfleet, we know that every professional is constantly learning.

Therefore, we always offer autonomy and new challenges so that the employee continues to acquire knowledge.

If you also think that way, we want you with us.

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Benefits for you to stay with us

Offering good conditions and well-being for employees is a value within Golfleet. With that in mind, we offer:

  • Food voucher or restaurant
  • Health plan with monthly fee 100% paid by the company for you and legal dependents
  • dental plan
  • Agreement with gyms
  • group life insurance
  • work equipment
  • Benefit of a free employee vehicle tracker
  • Reimbursement of internet and energy expenses for the home office
  • Participation in profits and results
  • Foreign language allowance
  • Cost help with air conditioning for home office
  • Day off on birthday
  • Flexible hours
  • Post-graduation allowance after 2 years at home
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Golfleet is made up of people with the same purpose: connecting companies to technology to preserve lives!

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Golfleet is a reflection of a team of high performance

Do you want to join this wall?

We are looking for people who identify with the values from Golfleet

Cozy environment icon

Cozy environment

We understand that, in the corporate scenario, it is essential to bring responsibility and care for our employees to leadership. Here at Golfleet, you will find welcoming and humane leadership that understands each person's needs.

Icon Simplicity in relationships

Simplicity in relationships

Simplicity implies authenticity, genuineness, interest in getting to know the other and, above all, respect for others. This is how we relate to our employees and they are encouraged to relate in the same way to our customers, suppliers and co-workers.

Purposeful work icon

work with purpose

Great leaders reveal themselves “from the inside out”: they first show who they are and what they believe, and then they say how and what they do. When Golfleet found a "why" for its actions, it acted with powerful motivation and consistency in its actions. If we have clarity of purpose, the efforts to achieve it will be much greater. Here you are the protagonist of your career.

Icon Creative Attitudes

creative attitudes

We know that intelligence is the ability we have to collect data, store it, process it and then produce some kind of result. Our company believes that this intelligence is not exclusively related to knowledge. It's about having the attitude and creativity to design solutions. Our employee has room to be proactive within Golfleet.

Always respect icon

I always respect

Respect is the foundation of every healthy relationship. It is a value that connects different people towards common goals. Respect is about acceptance, understanding and empathy. At Golfleet you will always be recognized for your merits and respected, regardless of your beliefs, gender, origin, age, ethnicity, your religion or lack thereof, your political positions and life choices. Respect builds trust and at Golfleet trust is paramount.

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By providing my data I agree with the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use from Golfleet

This is an exclusive sales channel. I will leave some guidelines for you to contact our support team:

1) Open the Golfleet app and click on the main menu icon (where all modules appear). At the bottom you will see the word SUPPORT. Clicking on it will take you to open tickets within our system. This is the fastest way for you to be served.

2) You can also contact us via telephone at 43 3315-9500 and choose option 1 - you will be directed to our customer service team.

3) If you have forgotten your Golfleet password, just access the application via Computer or Cell Phone, above the login button you will see a “?” (question mark), just click and add your access email to recover your password.

By providing my data I agree with the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use from Golfleet
By providing my data I agree with the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use from Golfleet

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